When it comes to eye-catching table decor, sometimes it’s the smallest touches that make the biggest impact. You don’t need oversized centerpieces and ornate flower arrangements to create a warm and inviting tablescape that is as gorgeous as it is simple to put together.

cushions and candles

Votive candles, simple florals, and colorful table runners are just a few of the ways you can add a major ‘wow’ factor to any tablescape. We’re spotlighting 10 of our favorite small touches that turned these wedding tables into something truly special–continue reading for more!

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Brides looking to pack a stylish punch will love one of this year’s color trends as much as we do: peach-colored outfits for your big day. The beauty of the color lies in its versatility — paired with a brighter hue, it can create a stunning contrast, while a monochrome outfit in the lighter shade exudes understated elegance. This is the perfect option for brides who want something lighter than the traditional reds and maroons but also want to stay away from the ultra-light and younger-looking baby pinks. Continue reading for some peach-colored bridal inspiration you’ll want to bite right into!

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One of our favorite summer bridal trends is undoubtedly the floral print lehenga. There is something stunningly simple about this look that we just can’t get enough of. Floral prints are a fabulous way to add a bit of ease and comfort to your outfit without sacrificing on style — you won’t need a lot of heavy embroidery to make a big statement, and you can let the pretty prints speak for themselves.

Pink Floral

Whether it’s Bollywood starlets pairing crop tops with lehenga skirts for a modern look or real brides choosing printed outfits for their wedding functions, there’s something for everyone in this bouquet. We’re spotlighting 8 of our favorite floral print lehengas — continue reading to see which ones made our list!

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The only thing better than a high-fashion showcase is a high-fashion showcase that is dripping in gorgeous jewelry. Fashion met bling at this week’s India International Jewelry Week (IIJW), where the region’s leading jewelry houses brought out their latest designs. The icing on this stylish cake? Bollywood showstoppers who added a new level of glam and glitter to the already sparkling showcase. We’re spotlighting our 10 favorite Bollywood showstopper moments from this bling-filled week — continue reading for more!

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Fashionistas flocked to Delhi last week for this year’s Amazon India Couture Week, and the country’s hottest designers were prepared with their latest showcases in couture-wear. The week was heaven for style-mavens — from structured gowns by Gaurav Gupta to encrusted ballroom gowns by Manav Gangwani, the new couture lines from some of our favorite designers were all swoonworthy. But our eyes were (expectedly) on the bridal showcases, and armed with their latest in gorgeous bridal couture, industry favorites did not disappoint. We’re spotlighting our top 5 bridal showcases from this year’s breathtaking collection of designs at Amazon India Couture Week — continue reading for more!

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Summer weddings often mean gorgeous outdoor receptions that take full advantage of the longer days and warmer nights. The great thing about outdoor wedding celebrations is the amount of creative liberty you have with the decor and setup — the outdoors are a perfect backdrop for you to add whatever decorative flair you’d like for your big day. One of our favorite pieces of outdoor wedding decor is the lighting, and not just for nighttime receptions! The right lighting setup will add a romantically stunning vibe to even the brightest afternoon weddings.

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to outdoor lighting — from vintage chandeliers to rustic-chic light-bulbs to paper lanterns to candles to string lights, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to lighting up your outdoor wedding venue. We’re spotlighting 9 of our favorite outdoor reception lighting ideas — continue reading for more!

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For grooms on the hunt for some surprise proposal inspiration, some of the best ideas come from one of our favorite part of any Bollywood movie: a good ol’ fashioned dance party.

7 Flash Mobs We Love

Take a wedding proposal, add a dash of synchronized dancing, and a whole lot of prep and planning, and you’ve got the perfect flash mob surprise. We’re spotlighting seven of our favorite flash mob wedding proposals, each with a perfect filmi flair — continue reading for more!

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You should be the star at your wedding–but the heat and humidity of summer outdoor weddings can sometimes steal the show. There’s nothing worse than a sticky bride whose makeup has melted. Worried about how to keep your cool during an outdoor summer wedding?

Indian Wedding Summer Beauty Tips

We’ve got you covered with tips that will have you prepared for the sun, bugs, and unexpected beauty mishaps when you take your celebration outdoors–continue reading for more!

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Just one week after their private wedding in Delhi, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput celebrated with Mumbai’s glitterati at a grand reception held last night at the Palladium Hotel. The who’s who of the film industry was present to wish these adorable newlyweds the very best of wishes in the next new chapter of their lives together.


And it’s not a filmi party without some seriously filmi fashion. We’re spotlighting some of our favorite looks from last night’s celebration–did your favorite make our list?

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A lighter color palette is the perfect way to add an air of understated elegance to any celebration. Brides looking to create a serenely stunning ambiance can look to pastels and lighter color shades for a gorgeously relaxed and romantic vibe — perfect for warm weather weddings this summer!

One of our favorite combinations? Mint green and light cream. The lighter shade of green keeps a hint of color while the neutral-toned cream provides a subtle but stunning contrast — worried that the relaxed color scheme will appear dull? Add some sparkle! Flashes of gold are all you need to take this soothing color scheme to the next level of glam.

Source Pinterest via Maryam Maquillage

We’re spotlighting some of our favorite uses of this serenely gorgeous color scheme — continue reading for more!

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