• 7 Shades of Gorgeous: Grey Wedding Inspiration
    The shade of grey can be anything but dull--and we didn't need a scandalous romance novel to tell us that! This understated hue is also one of the most luxurious to use..
  • Festive in Fuschia: Purvi & Gijoy's Indian Wedding Ceremony by Ajit Singh Photography
    We love how seamlessly the day transitioned from one ceremony to the next–it’s definitely a lesson that two ceremonies in one day doesn’t have to be stressful!
  • Saying I Do: Purvi & Gijoy’s Christian Wedding Ceremony by Ajit Singh Photography
    After the pre-wedding partying, our couple were married in two stunning ceremonies. Up first was the Christian ceremony held outdoors in NJ.
  • Belle Beauty: 5 Tips for the Perfect Dark Lip
    How do you make sure your lip is on-trend and not too vampy? We've got 5 tips that will help any belle delve into a darker dose of glam in no time--continue reading!
  • Wedding Catering 101: 5 Things to ask the Venue
    Industry expert Payal from Moghul Catering is sharing 5 of the most important things to ask and consider when booking your venue, all with your potential catering in mind.

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